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Cigars & Celebrations: A connoisseur’s guide.

30 October 2023

Cigars & Celebrations: A Connoisseur's Guide to marking an occasion.

Picture this: The clinking of glasses, laughter in the air, and a cigar aficionado reveling in the smoke. There's an undeniable connection between cigars and celebrations that's as old as time itself. But what's the real deal behind this intriguing partnership? Let’s delve into a world where cigars and celebrations intertwine, and learn more.

A Puff of History:

The precise origins of cigars remain shrouded in history, with their early presence hinted at through archaeological discoveries among the Mayans, who were observed smoking tobacco as far back as the 10th century. It wasn't until 1492 when Christopher Columbus ventured to the New World, encountering the practice of tobacco consumption among the Taino people of Hispaniola. Upon his return to Spain, Columbus introduced tobacco to Europe, marking the beginning of its widespread popularity, including the emergence of cigars on the continent.

In the Americas, the act of smoking held significant cultural importance, particularly in the form of native ceremonies known as 'potlatches.' Potlatches served various purposes, such as celebrating marriages, births, commemorating the departed, marking social advancements, and mitigating embarrassment. Among American Indians in the Pacific Northwest, potlatches evolved into institutionalized events featuring feasts, ceremonial speeches, gift-giving, acts of hospitality, and the sharing of tobacco through smoking rituals.

The popularity for cigars grew with many famous characters marking occasions with a cigar. Most famous probably being Winston Churchill but the likes of Frank Sinatra or Jack Nicholson made it even more normal and aspirational.

Celebrating with Cigars today

Cigars still symbolize many important special occasions. Here are the top reasons why we celebrate with cigars.

#1 - A new baby is born

The practice of celebrating the birth of a child with cigars has deep historical roots. Long before the advent of gender-specific 'It's a Boy' and 'It's a Girl' announcements, native tribes enjoyed cigars to welcome a new addition to their community.

This tradition made its way to Europeans and North American settlers. In the past, expectant fathers anxiously waited at home while a doctor or midwife attended to the mother-to-be. Cigars, along with alcohol, became essential comforts to ease nerves amidst the anticipation and concerns of childbirth. While modern hospitals may no longer provide smoking rooms, the tradition of savoring a cigar with close friends and family endures as a joyful celebration upon bringing a new baby into the world.

#2 - Getting Married

When it comes to celebrating the union of a dear friend or family member, groomsmen and bridesmaids are often found in a joyous line, cigars in hand, ready to raise a toast. Weddings rank among the top occasions for enjoying cigars. The atmosphere is filled with celebration with elegantly dressed guests savoring cocktails and making memorie. Cigar smoking at weddings is a communal experience, ensuring you never have to light up alone. Consider choosing the Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure no.2 and Caldwell Cigar co. Eastern Standard Corretto for your guests, known for their mild yet rich flavors that perfectly complement the celebratory atmosphere.

#3 - Winning

Emerging triumphant from a demanding competition provides a compelling reason to savor a cigar. This tradition is proudly upheld by a roster of esteemed professional athletes and coaches, among them, the likes of Michael Jordan, Alex Rodriguez to name a few. Basking in the afterglow of a significant victory calls for a cigar like the Davidoff Late Hour Churchill  or a Cohiba Robusto.

#4 Graduation

Obtaining your diploma is a significant milestone. It requires years of  commitment and hard work, whether it's the culmination of a four-year undergraduate degree or an advanced academic achievement such as a master's, PhD, law school, or medical school graduation. Lighting up a high-quality cigar provides the ideal opportunity to contemplate all the knowledge and experience you've acquired, particularly before the onset of student loan obligations. Consider celebrating your graduation with the Partagas Serie P no.2 and Aging Room Quattro Nicaragua Maestro, two excellent choices for this memorable occasion.

#5 Retirement

After dedicating decades to your career, retirement marks a significant life milestone. It's the perfect moment to relax and exhale, surrounded by your loved ones and cherished coworkers, as you all raise a toast to honor the sacrifices and hard work that defined your journey. Indulge in the pleasure of cigars like the Joya de Nicaragua Cinco Decadas Diadema and H Upmann Magnum 50, which turn reflection into a delightful experience.

The Fine Art of Pairing:

The golden rule in cigar and whisky pairing is to align the body of both: opt for a mild cigar alongside a lighter whisky, and a full-bodied cigar with a robust whisky. This harmonious pairing strategy ensures a balanced experience where neither element overpowers the other, allowing each to showcase its unique qualities.

Tomatin 2001 Single Cask and Montecristo no. 4
Lochwood Tower and Joya de Nicaragua Numero Uno L’ambassador

Lindores RG Exclusive STR Tobacco Lords Signature

The Robert Graham Experience:

For nearly 150 years, Robert Graham has been serving the finest single malt Scotch, hand rolled cigars and pipe tobacco from a series of specialist shops. Rare whiskies, independent bottlings, Robert Graham exclusive specials and fine, hand-rolled cigars from both Havana and the New World – beautifully kept and presented – are always offered with friendly, expert advice where needed. Looking to mark an occasion, the Robert Graham team can provide specialist recommendations to compliment your pallet and the occasion.


Cigars boast a rich tradition of commemorating special moments. Whether it's the joy of newlyweds, the arrival of a newborn, family reunions, or moments of pure happiness, coming together to share a cigar for an hour or two provides a valuable opportunity to pause, reflect, and celebrate with your loved ones. Robert Graham 1874 is home to over 1700 cigars in one of the largest selections in the UK available online or in our 3 retail stores. Celebrate with Robert Graham 1874 and ensure it is truly unforgettable.

Hine Cigar Reserve Cognac and Juan Lopez Seleccion no.1
Madre Mezcal and Casa Turrent 1880 Maduro Lancero
Oriental Cigar Gin and Trinidad Reyes

*if there’s a dry & oaked white wine to push, that plus a Foundation The Wiseman Maduro Robusto would be a treat*

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