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RG Exclusive: Man O' Words - 2017 Double Oak Cask



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RG Exclusive: Man O' Words - Double Oak Cask - 70cl, 60.2% abv

Annandale Distillery was established way back in 1836, and passed through many hands before whisky making ceased in the early 1920s...

That’s how things remained until 2007 when Annandale caught the eye of a husband-and-wife/business partner team:
Professor David Thomson, an expatriate Scot, was looking for a project that would anchor his life back to his native Scotland while Teresa Church was keen to find work that supported her enduring passion for restoring old buildings...

Annandale ticked all the boxes and so began an extensive £10.5 million restoration project that culminated in the restoration of Annandale Distillery in 2014.

Whisky flowed from the stills on Annandale again on 3 November 2014. The whole production setup was built under the guidance and supervision of the late, great Dr. Jim Swan, who advised the use of traditional wooden washbacks and helped source high-quality casks.

The distillery produces both peated and unpeated single malt  - Single cask whisky, bottled at cask strength!

The Peated Whisky is bottled under the Man O’ Sword name after King Robert the Bruce, Scotland’s warrior king and the 7th Lord of Annandale, while Unpeated Whisky is presented as Man O’ Words after Robert Burns, the Scottish Bard and once an exciseman in Annandale!!

Tasting Notes

Tasting Notes

After a trip to Annandale Distillery, Our MD and Management team sampled a few casks and we chose a cask filled in 2017 to be a Robert Graham Exclusive Cask! The cask that we selected and we felt best showcased Annandale whisky (and was a favourite between all our team that sampled casks), was a Woodford Reserve Double Oak cask!!

Spirit Type - Unpeated
Cask no - 1641
Distilled - 2017
Bottled - 2023
ABV - 60.2


Robert Graham Recommends

A deceptively smooth cask strength whisky aged in two barrels, including an ex woodford reserve barrel, has notes of caramel, vanilla with a buttery texture.

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