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Glenfiddich 15 Years Old



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Glenfiddich 15 Years Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky - 70cl, 40%

A 70cl bottle of Glenfiddich's mid-point classic.  The term “Solera” refers to the method of aging, whereby casks are filled consecutively by year, with the oldest cask eventually being tapped for bottling and then topped up with the next oldest…this gradual process means that no cask is ever emptied completely, with some of the content theoretically having been aged for an exceptionally long time. Glenfiddich 15 makes use of this system: whisky from European and American oak casks are merged with that from brand new “virgin oak” casks to be matured in a Solera system, before spending an extra finishing period in port pipes.

This complex mixture of cask types means the spirits have plenty of time to marry together and harmonise with one another, but more importantly, they take on more and more varied flavours with each step of the process. Such a complex recipe results in a malt of exceptional richness, as might be expected.

For many, this is the jewel in Glenfiddich’s star-studded crown; for others, the 18-year-old wins out for its bolder, woodier style. This is the only 15-year-old - and the oldest whisky overall - to sit in the top-10 best-selling Scotch whiskies worldwide…and that’s not just down to the competitive price.

Tasting Notes

Tasting Notes

Powerful red berry and fruitcake aromas on the nose, with a little orange peel and that ever-present Glenfiddich spicy oak; orange icing, brandy, Highland toffee…beautifully enticing, leading the way into a palate loaded with ginger, marzipan, honeycomb and vanilla. The finish is drying, morphing into rich dark toffee and the woody, gingerbready tang that will be familiar to fans of its younger brother.

The buttery notes from the new oak casks are quite apparent; the port more subtle, but appears in the light red berries here and there. It is richer and heavier than other Glenfiddichs, yet at the same time the honied sweetness is more apparent, with the oak perhaps a touch more subtle.

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