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Robert Lewis Tree Mixture Pipe Tobacco 50g tin



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Robert Lewis Tree Mixture Pipe Tobacco 50g tin.

Robert Lewis was a tobacconist as far back as 1787, the first shop was opened by Welshman Christopher Lewis in Covent Garden. In the early years, the shop went through some difficult times, but his cousin Robert Lewis joined forces with him and saved the shop from closure. Over the years, the company changed hands several times and eventually moved to a bigger shop premises on St James Street this was circa 1840. Like all good tobacconists, Robert Lewis produced their own private blend tobacco and these are the remaining 4 tobaccos still in production today.

Robert Lewis Tree Mixture is a distinguished Latakia blend that boasts a unique history. Originally crafted exclusively for Colonel Tree, a long-standing customer of Robert Lewis, this blend remained a private reserve for nearly half a century. Colonel Tree's remarkable capacity for tobacco consumption ensured that this mixture was his alone until the end of the 20th century when it was finally made available to the public.

Tree Mixture is a broken flake produced from a cake composed of the finest sweet Virginias and rich Latakia. This combination provides a smoke that is both rich and cool-burning, making it an excellent choice for Latakia enthusiasts. The blend's broken flake format allows for easy packing and consistent burning, delivering a satisfying and balanced smoking experience. Whether you're new to Latakia blends or a seasoned smoker, Robert Lewis Tree Mixture offers a unique and enjoyable smoke that carries a legacy of exclusivity and quality.

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Tasting Notes

Tasting Notes

Robert Lewis Tree Mixture Pipe Tobacco 50g tin

The Robert Lewis Tree Mixture is a pre-rubbed flake. Flake tobacco is a slow burning tobacco that usually requires rubbing before it can be smoked. Broken flake is pre rubbed for and is ready for immediate use in the pipe with no preparation but may require breaking down further if you require a faster burn rate.

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