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Cohiba Behike BHK 52 Cigar Box of 10


Limited Edition

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Cohiba Behike BHK 52 Cigar Box of 10

"Behikes it will have a limited annual production so when they are gone - that's it for the year. I think that makes them a candidate for laying down, maturing and collecting and many of my clients are already making 10 year plans for laying down a quantity of BHK's annually."

Distinguished by their unique blend, the BHK cigars feature a composition distinct from the 40th anniversary Behikes, which are aged for five years. Additionally, the BHKs boast an extra Medio Tiempo filler leaf, sourced from the top of the tobacco plant. This dark leaf imparts a distinct flavour characteristic, setting the BHK cigars apart with their unparalleled richness and complexity.

BEHIKE BHK 52 - 'VOTED BEST CIGAR OF 2010' by Cigar Aficionado. Rating: 97 - La Linea BHK

Within the Linea BHK cigars lies a remarkable secret: two of Cuba's rarest and most exceptional leaves, harvested from the very top of sun-grown tobacco plants. These leaves, known as "Medio Tiempo," boast an elevated oil concentration, resulting in a flavor and aroma unparalleled in the cigar world.

The journey of these coveted leaves begins with the Vegueros, who meticulously separate and process Medio Tiempo during the harvest season. After careful aging, these leaves are integrated into the blending room, where they become one of the six essential components in crafting each Behike BHK cigar. It's this dedication to excellence and the pursuit of perfection that elevates the BHK line to legendary status among cigar aficionados.

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Tasting Notes

Tasting Notes

Cohiba Behike BHK 52 Cigar Box of 10

Ring Gauge: 52
Length: 4 3/4" length
Packaging: Presented in box of 10
The latest line of Cohiba is the Behikes aka BHK.

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