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Whisky Magazine reviews Hoebeg and Smokin' Stag

Exciting news from the world of whisky, the acclaimed Whisky Magazine reviews Hoebeg & Smokin'Stag. We're thrilled to share that two of our exceptional bottles from the Robert Graham 1874 Core range have recently received outstanding reviews from Whisky Magazine, further solidifying their place among the finest in the industry.

Let's dive right in:

Hoebeg Islay Single Malt

As highlighted by Whisky Magazine, our Hoebeg Islay Single Malt has captured attention with its distinct character and captivating flavours. Described as "a soft Ileach that will convert even the most resolute unbelievers," this expression exemplifies the essence of Islay whisky craftsmanship. We're delighted that Whisky Magazine recognizes the quality and allure of Hoebeg.

The tasting notes from Whisky Magazine for Hoebeg include:


Leather, cooked chard, menthol, and aloe vera. Lime zest and hot worts. Powdered sugar, elderflower, and honeydew melon.


Medium. Gentle, sweet smoke is backed by more lime zest, tart blackberry, and spearmint. Underneath, there are cereal notes of milk cookies and barley bread. There’s fresh pear, green apple, and vanilla cream. A little icing sugar, too.


Medium-long, on sweet tobacco and mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Smokin' Stag 8 Years Old

Another standout from our collection, Smokin' Stag 8 Years Old, has also garnered high praise from Whisky Magazine and a noteable whisky editor's choice. Renowned for its cleverly executed modern interpretation of old-school character, this whisky embodies the rich heritage of smoky, peaty drams. We're thrilled to see Smokin' Stag receive such well-deserved acclaim.

The tasting notes from Whisky Magazine for Smokin' Stag include:


Cherry pie, tyre rubber, and lawn clippings. Umeshu sake and yuzu. Muscovado sugar and treacle tart. Engine oil and a meaty, slightly mineral note.


Full bodied and waxy. Fruits of the forest, a touch of iodine, Vaseline lip balm, and dark chocolate. Roasted sunflower seeds and candied citrus peels. Under it all is a foundation of black beans, pumpernickel, and toffee.


Medium. Fades to a red apple core.

At Robert Graham 1874, we take pride in curating a selection that showcases the best of Scotland's whisky landscape. Having our own Core range bottles reviewed and celebrated by Whisky Magazine is not just an honour—it's a testament to the dedication and expertise of our distillers and the passion of our team.

Whether you're a seasoned aficionado or new to the world of whisky, we invite you to experience the excellence of Hoebeg and Smokin' Stag firsthand. Visit our stores in Edinburgh, Glasgow, or Cambridge, or explore our online store to discover these award-worthy whiskies.

Join us in raising a dram to celebrate this fantastic recognition from Whisky Magazine. Here's to more discoveries and memorable sips. Full reviews are available here - Hoebeg & Smokin' Stag

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