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The Noise: About Cigars

16 May 2024

There’s a lot of noise in the cigar industry.

Not literally of course – cigar smoking is a relatively peaceful affair, although a roomful of Robert Graham customers armed with cigars and Scotch may say otherwise.

But by noise, we mean confusion; extraneous spam that needs careful filtering.

Everyone has an opinion and will share it whether you’re interested or not. Countless bloggers offer reviews of every stick under the sun, Twitter pages are alive with cigar folk shooting the breeze.

Here at Robert Graham, we listen to the experts. We talk to those who make, distribute and smoke the cigars we’re proud to put on our shelves. Then we smoke them ourselves.

Not once. Not twice. We smoke our cigars repeatedly. On their own. With food. With spirits. In the morning. Noon. And the night.

So we feel we can be confident in giving an informed opinion and assistance on the noise: about cigars, when you come into the shop with a question or two. The member of staff serving you that day will have good broad knowledge, but if he or she doesn’t know the answer to your particular question, we’ll have someone in the company who does.

We won’t baffle you with science or tell you what you should taste; we’ll tell you our opinion and what our tasters have experienced. After that you’re on your own – and the beauty of cigars is in the journey, not the destination.

We look forward to accompanying you on your travels through New World and Cuban cigars; through Connecticut, Cameroon, and Sungrown wrappers. Through the chemistry between filler and binder, viso, seco and ligero leaf.

And of course, we look forward to guiding you through the pairing of our fine, handrolled cigars with the rich tapestry of our extraordinary Scotch whisky.


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