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Rebel Spotlights: The Inspiring Journey of Glaschu Spirits Co.

In the vast world of luxury whisky, where established brands often reign supreme, #RGSpotlights aims to shine a light on those hidden gems waiting to be discovered. This is where Glaschu Spirits Co rises as an upcoming prominent figure in the whisky industry.

Passion and dedication to your craft at the core are the bases for a lasting legacy on any basis. While there are millions of brands in the world that build their business from the ground up. Sometimes narrowing your search and looking closer to home can uncover the gems from right under your feet.

The story of Glaschu Spirits Co. begins with a bond forged in college between founders Paul and Julian. Both pursuing degrees in aircraft engineering, they shared a passion for flying and spent their spare time exploring the skies. Yet, it was their mutual appreciation for whisky that truly ignited their friendship. Laying the foundation for their entrepreneurial journey.

As Paul worked at a whisky shop during college, he shared his knowledge with Julian, sparking his friend's enthusiasm for the craft. This shared love for a good dram planted the seed for what would later become Glaschu Spirits Co.

Following graduation, Paul and Julian found themselves working at the same company, further solidifying their friendship and shared experiences. However, it was their early encounters with whisky during their college years that laid the groundwork for their future endeavours. Their early college encounters with whisky sparked their passion, eventually leading them to start their own whisky business.

Paul and Julian's journey into the world of whisky took an adventurous turn as they gravitated towards independent bottling. Given their background in recreational flying, it's no surprise that the duo leaned towards exploring the unconventional in their whisky pursuits. Independent bottlers offered them a gateway to endless new and exciting flavours, sparking a passion for unique and rare expressions that would shape their future endeavours.

By 2021, fuelled by their love for exploration, Paul and Julian embarked on a new venture. They envisioned a space where whisky enthusiasts could delve into the world of independent bottlings and distilleries, each bottle telling its own distinct story. Thus, DamGoodDrams was born, a shop curated with a hand-picked selection of drams exclusively sourced from independent bottlers and distilleries.

Their mission was clear: to provide whisky lovers with an opportunity to embark on their flavour-filled journeys. Guided by their adventurous spirit and commitment to quality. Little did they know, this was just the beginning of their foray into the world of spirits, paving the way for the creation of Glaschu Spirits Co.

A true testament to this, is their stand-out Burnside 12, a distinctive offering from Glaschu Spirits Co. The Burnside 12 is an exemplary whisky that showcases their commitment to unique and high-quality spirits. This spirit is a 'teaspooned' malt, a blend of two neighbouring Speyside giants located near River Fiddich. Composed of 99.9% malt distilled near Balvenie Castle, with a mere teaspoon of the finest from the Fiddich Valley added, it presents a remarkable blend of two single malts.

Distilled in April 2011, the Burnside spirit spent its first decade ageing in an ex-bourbon hogshead cask. In its final 18 months, the distillery re-racked it into a first-fill Amarone wine barrel, imparting a rich complexity to the whisky. Celebrated as one of Italy's finest, Amarone wine achieves its plush, fruit-forward profile through the appassimento method.

This traditional technique involves naturally drying the grapes before fermentation, concentrating the sugars and enhancing the flavours. As a result, Amarone wines are juicy and complex, with pronounced cherry and dried-fruit notes.

The Burnside 12 gains extra smoky, spicy, and herbal layers from its unique maturation in Amarone wine barrels. The result is a beautifully complex and interesting whisky. With the Amarone barrel enhancing the spirit's intrinsic qualities, making it a standout addition to Glaschu Spirits Co.'s collection.

As Glaschu Spirits Co. continues to carve out its place in the world of luxury whisky. It's clear that their journey is fuelled by a passion for quality, innovation, and a love for the spirit that binds their founders. Firstly from their humble beginnings in college to the creation of DamGoodDrams to their the launch of their own whisky brand. Paul and Julian's story is one of dedication and an unwavering pursuit of excellence.

One of their flagship offering, the Burnside 12: Amarone Wine Barrel, epitomises this commitment. This 'teaspooned' malt, is a blend of two renowned Speyside distilleries in one bottle. With its unique aging process in an Amarone wine barrel, the Burnside 12 captures a rich and complex flavour profile. Showing Glaschu's interest in blending the tradition and the unconventional in a way that only true enthusiasts can appreciate.

As #RGSpotlights continues to shine a light on hidden gems in the whisky world. Glaschu Spirits Co. stands out as a beacon of ingenuity and quality. Their journey from college friends to whisky pioneers serves as an inspiration to all who share a passion for hardwork.

Here's to discovering more extraordinary drams and the stories they tell, and to Glaschu Spirits Co., a rising star in the realm of luxury whisky.

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