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Rattray's Hal O' the Wynd 50g Tin



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Rattray's Hal O' the Wynd 50g Tin

A full-bodied broken flake blend of Kentucky, Perique and Virginia tobaccos.  The name comes from a character in the novel "The Fair Maid of Perth" about a man who had "a most unusual share of strength".

Rattray's Hal O’ The Wynd presents a Virginia-based broken flake complemented by Kentucky fire-cured and a hint of Perique, contributing to its intriguing flavour profile and robustness. The texture of the leaf falls somewhere between a broken flake and ready-rubbed, offering a loose yet dense consistency. Whether further rubbed out or packed as-is, it burns relatively cool and slow, providing a long-lasting smoking experience.

Upon inspection, you can discern the quality of the leaf through its appearance, aroma, and texture. While the predominant scent is Virginia-forward, characterised by hay-like notes and subtle citrus undertones, keen noses may also detect the gentle smokiness of Kentucky and hints of dark dried fruit from the Perique.

Hal O’ The Wynd is suitable for all-day smoking, although its strength may prompt some to space out their enjoyment to avoid overwhelming the palate. Overall, it offers a nuanced and satisfying smoking experience for enthusiasts seeking depth and complexity in their tobacco blends.

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Tasting Notes

Tasting Notes

Rattray's Hal O' the Wynd 50g Tin

Strength: Medium to Full
Flavour: Medium to Full
Room Note: Full

Contents - Kentucky, Perique, Virginia
Flavouring - None Detected
Cut - Broken Flake

A mild citrus flavour joins up with dark fruits, earthiness and grassy notes.  Nuttiness follows and the Perique, albeit subtle adds a distinct peppery note, along with it’s own dark fruits in the form of dates and figs and other dried fruit.

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