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Germains Plum Cake Pipe Tobacco 50g Tin



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Germains Plum Cake Pipe Tobacco 50g Tin

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Germain & Son commenced manufacturing tobacco back in 1820. A family business located in Jersey boasting perfect climatic controlled conditions. The experience gained by succeeding generations in the art of blending has produced the range of fine individual tobaccos available today. Their new factory is situated on the site of the original premises facing the harbour of St Helier from whence, 180 years ago, Jersey-built schooners sailed to many parts of the world, some returning with cargoes of leaf tobacco for Germain's factory.

Germains PC (Plum Cake) boasts a delicious tin aroma that stimulates the appetite. Upon opening, you’re greeted with predominantly yellow shag (or a very fine ribbon cut) with black flecks. The tin aroma is rich and deep, evoking a combination of spiced wine and dark rum, accented with hints of vanilla extract, honey, and liquorice.

While the nicotine level is low, this blend is anything but weak. Even those who typically prefer more powerful blends will find satisfaction in Germains PC (Plum Cake). This blend has a nostalgic quality, transporting smokers back to Victorian England and offering a taste of history.

Germain is renowned for their high-quality tobacco, and this blend is no exception. For optimal enjoyment, it is recommended to let the tobacco dry for 15-30 minutes before smoking. The result is a delightful smoking experience that truly sings.


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Tasting Notes

Tasting Notes

Germains Plum Cake Pipe Tobacco 50g Tin

Contents - Virginia & Black Cavendish
Flavouring - Plum
Cut - Shag

Strength - Mild
Flavouring - Mild to Medium
Taste - Mild to Medium
Room Note - Pleasant

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