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Drew Estate Acid Krush Classic Morado Maduro - 10



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Drew Estate Acid Krush Classic Morado Maduro Cigar - Tin of 10

For the Acid fan on the go! Acid Krush Classics deliver the same unique bold taste and aroma as their full sized brethren in a quick smoke size for those on the go. Available in tins of 10 cigars

A non-traditional awe inspiring cigar that challenges your preconceptions and opens your mind to what is truly possible. Shimmering metallic rings call out the arrival of the intense aromatic pleasure that every Acid cigar contains within its one hundred percent tobacco core. Hand crafted far away off the beaten path down in Nicaragua where Drew Estate has made it known that this is the epicentre of cigar making.
The rebirth of cigars means Drew Estate have embraced long honoured traditions but then flipped them on their collective heads creating the most unique and original expression.
There is nothing like an Acid cigar, nothing even close.

ACID Krush Classic is a quick taste of the ACID flavour offered in a small, 4×32 easy-to-smoke format. Offered in two different infusion and wrapper varieties, these are the perfect short smoke for the ACID fan. The two varieties offered are Blue Connecticut and Morado Maduro. If you love our full-sized ACID blends, you will love these quicker-smoking versions of your favourites.

Tasting Notes

Tasting Notes

ACID Krush Classic is a quick taste of the brilliant infused ACID flavours, but now offered in a small, 4×32 easy-to-smoke format.

Packaging: Tin of 10
Strength: medium
Flavour: medium
Length: 4"
Ring Gauge: 32

The maduro Acid Krush has a slightly deeper flavour profile than the Blue Connecticut - like a smaller Atom Maduro!

A Gift For You

The perfect present: Give the gift of exploration, flavour and luxury.

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