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Charter Oak CT Broadleaf Toro - Box of 20



Foundation Cigar Co. - Charter Oak Connecticut Broadleaf Toro - Box of 20

Nestled in the heart of the Connecticut River Tobacco Valley, the world’s premier tobacco-growing region, there’s a building in a tobacco field...
This isn’t another curing barn; this isn’t another fermentation warehouse; this is the world’s only corporate cigar office based on a farm - the office of the Foundation Cigar Company!!

After serving 12 years at one of the most innovative (and largest) cigar companies in the world, as Executive Vice President of International Operations and Head Blender, in 2015 Nick Melillo branched out on his own, finally forming the Foundation Cigar Company!

His first line, El Güegüense, immediately took the cigar world by storm, reaching Cigar Afficionado’s top 25 in 2016. The El Güegüense’s maduro sibling, The Wiseman, subsequently reached #3 in Cigar Afficionado’s top 25 2019, a feat uniquely achieved purely by word of mouth with an advertising and marketing budget of zero. Following awards include the industry changing Charter Oak winning #1 Best Buy (Cigar Afficionado) and the Highclere Castle Victorian being awarded 95 points. Foundation’s newest line, the Olmec, also won Cigar Of The Year (Cigar Snob) – quite an achievement, having only been released in July of that year! Famously and without being prompted, paid or promoted, the cigars are now regularly being championed as the best cigars available by Joe Rogan, the world’s most popular podcaster.

Renowned for sourcing and utilising the very best tobacco in the industry, Nick will certainly continue winning awards for his subsequent blends (including the Tabernacle, Menelik, Upsetters and Highclere Castle Edwardian), and Nick will certainly continue developing ground-breaking blends using the world’s finest and rarest tobaccos. But what is at the heart of Foundation Cigar Company is the cigar smoker themselves – that smoke-filled moment of pure presence, that quietly thunderous connection to ancient heritage, modern science, and genuine passion for the leaf.

This is something that Melillo and Foundation Cigar Company will provide endlessly to any who will sit and take audience.

All for the love of the leaf.

Tasting Notes

Tasting Notes

An homage to the rich history of Foundation Cigar Company’s home state of Connecticut, and to Nicholas Melillo’s grandfather who, while earning a modest salary at the Winchester Factory after WWII, smoked exclusively Connecticut Broadleaf Cigars.

Long before Dutch settlers landed on American shores, the Native Americans cultivated tobacco and held council beneath the massive branches of the Charter Oak tree. It is a sacred tree and is a long-standing symbol of independence. Charter Oak cigars hail from the same fertile valley in Connecticut that native son Nicholas Melillo was born and raised in, and through this ancient lineage these cigars preserve and celebrate that lesser-known element, that sacred element, of Connecticut tobacco’s rich and storied history.

The CT Broadleaf quality really shines through in the incredibly rich, aromatic profile present - allowing the true Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper, that crowns the cigar beautifully, to give great depth of sweetness to the immediate palate.

Packaging: Box of 20
Strength: Medium - Full
Flavour: Full
Length: 6"
Ring Gauge: 52

Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan

Medium to full in body, and bursting with Earthy, natural sweetness, accented by rich oak and espresso.

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