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Charatan Curzon Mixture 50g Tin



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Charatan Curzon Mixture Pipe Tobacco - 50g Tin

Whiskt Viceroy of India. Lord Curzon was responsible for the spectacular 1903 Delhi Durbar celebrating the accession of Edward VII as Emperor of India. This name celebrates the heritage of this blend which is designed for the more experienced and mature pipe smoker and has a composition of Virginia, Latakia and Oriental. It has a well balanced smooth, dark brown smoke with floral and tannin tones.

The Charatan Curzon Mixture is a sophisticated Balkan blend, combining Latakia, Oriental, and Virginia leaf, all expertly ribbon cut. The Oriental leaf takes the lead in this composition, imparting a delicate floral spice and a buttery sweetness that captivates from the first puff. Rich Virginia leaf provides an earthy foundation with hints of fermented, dried stone-fruit essence, grounding the blend beautifully. Meanwhile, the smoky and sweetly woody Latakia remains a constant, harmonising without overpowering.

This well-mannered blend evolves intriguingly as you smoke it. It begins with creamy flavours and a smooth texture, gradually transitioning into darker, more intense notes that caramelise towards the end, offering a complex and satisfying experience from start to finish. The Charatan Curzon Mixture promises a dynamic and engaging smoke, perfect for those who appreciate a blend that reveals its character gradually, rewarding patience with rich, evolving flavours.


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Tasting Notes

Tasting Notes

Charatan Curzon Mixture 50g Tin.

Short dark and light brown ribbons of tobacco which pack easily into your pipe.

Fruity and zesty leading flavour. With Latakia which gives a substrate, underlying, smokiness, which makes it a fuller flavour

Contents - Latakia, Oriental, Virginia
Flavouring - None Detected
Cut - Ribbon

Strength - Medium
Flavouring - None Detected
Taste - Medium
Room Note - Pleasant

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