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Arran Signature Series Edition 2 - Barrel Bonfire



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Arran Signature Series Edition 2 - Barrel Bonfire

The Signature Series is Arran's four-part limited-edition series. It is a selection of Arran single malts that showcase the diversity of their spirit and embody the values that are important to them. It features four unique bottlings, specially chosen by Lochranza Distillery Manager Stewart Bowman and given his seal of approval.

Exclusive Quarter Cask Whisky from Koval and Arran Distilleries

The Quarter Casks used in this exceptional bottling were sourced from Koval, a small distillery in Chicago known for their custom-built 115-litre casks. These casks first mature Koval's Bourbon before making their journey to Lochranza for secondary maturation.

Originally filled into Bourbon Barrels in 2012, the whisky matured for nearly 5 and a half years before being transferred into the Koval Quarter Casks in September 2018. It spent another 5 and a half years maturing in these rare casks, which are now a prized part of the inventory due to their limited availability.

During this secondary maturation, the heavily peated whisky developed a more complex and full-bodied character. The smaller cask size increases the surface contact between the wood and spirit, creating an environment for accelerated maturation. This process intensifies the flavours, adding depth and nuance to the final dram. Smokier notes blend harmoniously with the charred citrus and sweet vanilla spices characteristic of Arran Single Malt, evoking the essence of a bonfire made from barrel staves.

Experience the unique flavours and rare craftsmanship of this limited-edition whisky from Arran and Koval distilleries.

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Tasting Notes

Tasting Notes

Arran Signature Series Edition 2 - Barrel Bonfire

Nose: Hazelnuts coated in caramel. Orange zest and abundant vanilla. Rich dry smoke.

Palate: Rich and smooth. Mouth-watering, oily and complex. Spicy, cinnamon notes mingle with citrus

Finish: Spice, Citrus, Smoke, Peat, Vanilla, Cinnamon, Smooth, Toasted Oak.

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