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Aldo Morelli Fiorita 511 Ebony pipe



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Aldo Morelli Fiorita 511 Ebony pipe.

Hand crafted Italian Pipe from Aldo Morelli. Compatible with a 9mm pipe filter.

Aldo Morelli Italian Briar Smoking Pipes

Aldo Morelli may not have a longstanding history or ingrained reputation in the UK, but since we added them to our portfolio in 2011, they have filled a significant gap in the market for quality 9mm filter pipes. These pipes have become incredibly popular, with numerous customers praising their quality and value for money. Crafted from genuine briar, Aldo Morelli pipes offer an attractive aesthetic and exceptional performance without breaking the bank.

Aldo Morelli Fiorita

The Aldo Morelli Fiorita series is a stunning collection of 9mm briar pipes featuring high-polished black bowls. Each pipe is equipped with chunky, robust tapered acrylic mouthpieces and a contrasting brass mount. The lip of the bowl is stained in a reddish-brown to highlight the natural grain of the briar, adding a unique character to these striking designs.

9mm Absorbent Filter

The Aldo Morelli Fiorita pipes are designed for use with absorbent 9mm filters, which enhance the smoking experience by allowing more smoke to pass through with less restriction, resulting in a better draw. These filters have a high surface area, providing excellent absorption of tar without affecting the draw or flavor. Simply discard the filter when it turns dark brown for a no-mess, no-fuss solution. The pipes have a standard 9mm bore, making them compatible with any brand of 9mm filter. For smokers who prefer an unrestricted, full-on smoke, the filter can be removed altogether.

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Tasting Notes

Tasting Notes

Aldo Morelli Fiorita 511 Ebony pipe

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