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Our Robert Graham signature cigar - Tobacco Lords

16 January 2022

Hello to all you Ladies and gentlemen cigar and whisky lovers and welcome to my next cigar review and this one I am very excited about. As today I have the pleasure of smoking our own Tobacco Lord ‘The Signature’

The Signature is a wide robusto in size and perfect for a Sunday afternoon smoke.

So, let’s get into this brand-new stick. On my dry draw there is a very pleasant hay, meadow grass and a touch of an herby note like dried lavender that comes through. Lighting it up and watching it sit in my hand there is an amazing smell that comes from it that takes me back to my time in the Cayman Islands, watching the sun go down. Cigar in one hand, Rum in the other, one of those moments you do not want to end but disappears like a flash. Hey, it’s the Cayman islands those sunsets go super-fast! But the same feeling now as it was back then, I do not want the moment to go and that I’m sure you will all agree is what it is like to smoke a cigar. That point of the day you sit, relax and there is nothing but you and your smoke, no stress, no worries, just 45 minutes of nothing but in the same breath everything.

Drawing on the first third of the Signature, that grassiness is combined with a soft toffee and coffee flavour. A bit like a caramel macchiato, very smooth and creamy but with a kick every now and then. Definitely would pair this with something like an Irish coffee or personally if I was picking a whisky to go with it, I’d be having a dram or three of The Murray from Tullibardine as the flavours of strawberry jam and fresh blackcurrants with a hint of black coffee would work wonders. Alas I finished this not so long ago so I will make sure that’s not the case when having this cigar again.

Into the second third of the cigar and the caramel lingers, the inside of my mouth feels like it’s been coated with a Werther's Original, I can make this super cheesy for you as you read this “Signature gives that feeling that you never will forget”…… go on admit it! you laughed! Unless you have not seen the adverts Werther’s, then in which case we will tumbleweed this one and carry on. Notes of roasted peanut and a sweetness of almonds come through as we go into the halfway mark.

Right here we go into the last third and I undress my cigar of it’s band. At this time I’ll also point out that it’s a really nice band and our owner of Robert Graham has worked with the Joya De Nicaragua plantation to pick the blend of this cigar and our other Tobacco Lords, who grow and roll these for us.

The flavour really turns with a light spice of chilli and a touch of salt and pepper on the lips but will a hint of chocolate too. Perfect for fans that like these flavours in their chocolate bars. But sadly, I have come to the end of this brilliant smoke and I highly recommend that if you have tried our other Tobacco Lords this is one you have got to pick up next time you are in one of our stores or you can grab them on our website.

That’s it for today folks, I hope you have enjoyed my review of our Signature Tobacco Lords and until next time “happy smoking”.

Iain - Cambridge

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