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Benromach: Rebel Spotlights

In the vast world of luxury whisky, where established brands often reign supreme, Benromach Distillery stands out as a compelling story of resilience and triumph. Despite facing numerous setbacks and closures over its history, Benromach Distillery has emerged as one of the most interesting and esteemed brands in the industry.

#RGSpotlights aims to shine a light on those hidden gems waiting to be discovered, and Benromach exemplifies this goal. Since its founding in 1898, Benromach has experienced periods of dormancy and revival, reflecting its rich heritage. However, each setback has only added to its allure and character.

Benromach is a renowned distillery and whisky brand and an fine example of a classic Speyside dram. Though not exactly in the heart of Speyside, its gently peated profile harks back to traditional Speyside whiskies. The current owners, Gordon and MacPhail, noted that historically, most Speyside drams were lightly peated due to traditional malted barley production methods.

Today, Benromach stands out as one of the few peated exceptions in a region now dominated by unpeated whiskies. In 1898, SMD founded Benromach and operated it until 1983 when they mothballed the distillery. After years of inactivity, Gordon and MacPhail, the famed independent bottler from Elgin, acquired the distillery in 1993.

The King officially reopened the distillery and laid down the first cask himself in 1998, marking a new chapter in Benromach's storied history. Benromach stands out in the whisky industry for its dedication to traditional, handcrafted production methods.

Unlike many modern distilleries, Benromach forgo's automation and computer control, relying instead on skilled artisans to create their renowned spirit. This process involves just four raw materials: water, barley, yeast, and a human touch. Ensuring that each batch embodies the authentic quality that Benromach proudly promotes.

This commitment to tradition not only sets Benromach apart. But also preserves the rich heritage that define its exceptional Speyside drams.

An exemplary example of this would be the Benromach Single Cask 2013 - UK Exclusive. A rare release from them, it's a key example of their commitment to preserving heritage and craftsmanship. Aged for over a decade, this exceptional whisky matured in a first fill sherry hogshead, offering a rich and distinctive character. Bottled at a robust 59.9% ABV, each of the 311 available bottles represents a pinnacle of quality sought after by collectors and whisky collectors alike.

Delicate yet robust. This rare release captivates with its aroma of stewed red berries balanced by smooth citrus zest. As autumnal spices awaken the palate, with hints of soft smoke, adding layers of depth and complexity to this whisky. Each sip reveals a blend of flavours, showcasing the meticulous craftsmanship and unparalleled quality that define Benromach's single cask expressions.

As #RGSpotlights illuminates hidden gems in the whisky realm, Benromach emerges as a beacon of resillience in the whisky industry. From humble beginnings to overcoming closure, they stand as a shining example whisky craftsmanship, their journey inspires all with a passion for the finer things in life.

Here's to uncovering more extraordinary drams and the captivating stories they hold. Let's celebrating Benromach as a rising star in the world of luxury whisky.

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