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Tor Tour 2024: Exploring Nicaragua's Finest Cigar Factories

12 June 2024

Any cigar aficionado knows that Nicaragua produces some of the highest-quality cigars available today. Recently, the Robert Graham team, along with a group of UK cigar retailers, had the privilege of participating in the Tor Tour 2024. Join us as we explore some of Nicaragua's most historic and renowned cigar factories, sharing our experiences and insights from this unforgettable journey.

Day 1 – Volcan Masaya: Exploring Nicaragua's Natural Wonders

Our adventure began with an inspiring visit to Volcan Masaya, one of Nicaragua's seven active volcanoes. After landing in Managua, we made our way to Esteli, stopping en route to marvel at this natural wonder.

Day 2 – Joya de Nicaragua: A Legacy of Excellence

Our tour kicked off in style at Joya de Nicaragua (JDN), Nicaragua's oldest cigar factory, established in 1968 by Simon Camacho and Juan Francisco Bermejo. Despite facing numerous challenges, including destruction during the Nicaraguan civil war and the American Embargo, JDN persevered. Under the leadership of Dr. Cuenca since 1992, the factory has gained a worldwide reputation for premium cigars.

We had the privilege of learning from the passionate JDN team and cigar master Steve Saka of Dunbarton Tobacco and Trust. We even got hands-on, blending and rolling our own cigars under their expert guidance.

Day 3 – My Father Cigars: A Family Tradition

Our next stop was My Father Cigars, where we were greeted by three generations of the Garcia family and Pete Johnson of Tatuaje Cigars. Founded by Jose ‘Pepin’ Garcia in 2003, the factory has become renowned for its exceptional cigars, produced with the combined expertise of the Garcia family.

Spending the day with the Garcia family and Pete Johnson was a rare opportunity to delve into the art of cigar making.

Day 4 – Perdomo Cigars: Innovation and Quality

At the Perdomo Cigar factory, we were introduced to the innovative techniques of Nick Perdomo. From seed selection to the meticulous draw testing of every cigar, Perdomo's dedication to quality was evident at every step.

Day 5 – Oliva Cigars: A Century of Craftsmanship

The story of Oliva Cigars began in Cuba in 1886 and continued in Nicaragua in the 1920s. Gilberto Oliva's journey as a tobacco broker led him to Nicaragua's ideal growing conditions. Today, Oliva produces over 16 million cigars annually, including the award-winning Oliva V Melanio range.

Day 6 – Padron Cigars: A Legacy of Excellence

Visiting the Padron factory was one of the highlights of our tour. Founded by Damaso Padron in the mid-1800s and established in Miami by his grandson Jose Orlando in the 1960s, Padron Cigars are synonymous with quality. The factory's dedication to perfection is evident, with every cigar drawing flawlessly without the need for draw testing.

Conclusion: A Journey of Knowledge and Passion

Visiting these factories and meeting the artisans behind the cigars was not only a thrilling experience but also essential for us at Robert Graham 1874. We continually strive to enhance our knowledge of tobacco and cigars to provide the best service to our customers. Visit our Glasgow, Edinburgh, or Cambridge stores for expert cigar recommendations and explore our selection of Nicaraguan and New World cigars.

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