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Glasgow 1770 Tequila Cask Finish Triple Distilled 01


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Introducing the Glasgow 1770 Tequila Cask Finish, a rare and exclusive offering comprising only 272 bottles. Each boasting a potent 55.3% ABV. Crafted from the contents of a meticulously selected single cask, this unpeated triple distilled spirit was carefully filled on the 3rd of February 2018. Carefully filled into a pristine first-fill ex-bourbon cask.

Following this, it underwent a patient maturation period of two years and six months in a prestigious Tequila cask. Which infused this whisky with an unparalleled depth and character.

This masterpiece reveals itself as a delicate and velvety single malt, enticing the palate with a symphony of flavours. Transitioning seamlessly from one note to the next. You can indulge in the sweet embrace of honey, the zesty freshness of lemon and citrus, and the subtle succulence of honeydew melon. Which are all gracefully complemented by decadent hints of milk chocolate.

This marks the second release of a Tequila Cask Finished single malt from the renowned Glasgow 1770 distillery. However, it stands as a milestone, being the first to feature their triple distilled unpeated single malt. Glasgow 1770 adds an extra layer of complexity and refinement which this exceptional offering.

Experience the culmination of craftsmanship and innovation with Glasgow 1770 Tequila Cask Finish, a testament to the artistry and dedication of Scotland's finest distillers.

Tasting Notes

Tasting Notes

The nose introduces a symphony of aromas. Rich honey intertwines with the bright zest of lemon and lime citrus, accompanied by subtle hints of vanilla and delicate floral undertones. As the palate indulges, a burst of flavours unfolds, reminiscent of tropical paradises. Fresh pineapple, crisp white grapefruit, and succulent honeydew melon dance harmoniously, counterbalanced by the warmth of vanilla, creamy maltiness, and whispers of lemongrass. Transitioning to the finish, it unveils a lingering farewell, with gentle whispers of fresh coconut, the comforting embrace of milk chocolate, and a nuanced touch of white pepper spice, leaving a lasting impression of indulgence and refinement.

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