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Glasgow 1770 Calvados Cask Finish Unpeated Batch 01


Limited Edition

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Introducing the Glasgow 1770 Calvados Cask Finish, a highly coveted limited edition comprising only 270 bottles. Each bottle boasts a formidable 58.7% ABV. Crafted from a meticulously chosen single cask, this unpeated double distilled spirit was carefully filled into first-fill ex-bourbon casks. Thereafter, it underwent a patient maturation period of two years and five months in a prestigious Calvados French brandy cask. This has infused it with unparalleled depth and character.

Bottled on the 20th of June 2023, this Calvados Cask Finish unveils itself as a tantalisingly fruity and characterful single malt. Captivating the senses with its vibrant notes of crisp green apple, succulent poached pear, luscious baked apple pie, and a subtle hint of nutmeg spice. Which culminates in a truly indulgent tasting experience.

This milestone release marks the debut of a Calvados-finished single malt from Glasgow 1770. Heralding a new era of innovation and excellence. The distinctive orchard fruity characteristics imbued by the finishing cask seamlessly intertwine with the rich and fruity essence of Calvados Cask Finish. Its elevated to unprecedented heights of flavour and sophistication.

Don't miss your chance to savour this exquisite fusion of tradition and innovation. So secure your bottle of Glasgow 1770 Calvados Cask Finish today.

Tasting Notes

Tasting Notes

On the nose, experience the crisp allure of fresh green apples and succulent poached pear, harmoniously intertwined with lively notes of vibrant vanilla and citrus, all accented by subtle hints of baking spices and dark fruits. As you sip, the palate comes alive with an explosion of taste, offering a delightful array of freshly sliced apple, tropical fruit, and hints of kiwi, elegantly accompanied by creamy vanilla custard, luscious stone fruits, and a gentle oak spice. The journey concludes with a lingering and gratifying finish, unveiling rich notes of caramel and indulgent baked apple pie, delicately dusted with the warmth of nutmeg, leaving an enduring impression of satisfaction and delight.

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