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De Olifant Scheepskistje Gift Box set of 10 cigars



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De Olifant Scheepskistje Gift Box set of 10 cigars

This De Olifant Assortment cigar box would be a perfect gift for a cigar lover, including 5 different cigars by De Olifant.

This gift box includes:

2 x De Olifant Corona Panatella (36 x 5")
2 x De Olifant Corona (36 x 4.5")
2 x De Olifant Knakje (32 x 3 3/4")
2 x De Olifant VOC (28 x 3 1/4")
2 x De Olifant Matelieff (32 x 3 1/4")

Since 1832, Olifant cigars have been synonymous with quality machine made cigars from Kampen in the Netherlands. Rooted in the tradition of old master craftsmen, Olifant cigars are produced in nine distinct models, offering a comprehensive range of smoking pleasures—from short and mild to extended and strong experiences.

Each Olifant cigar is crafted to suit the preferences of every smoker. Whether you seek a quick, mild smoke or a long, robust indulgence, Olifant provides the perfect option.

A strict selection of rare Sumatra sand leaf is used for the wrappers, undergoing bale fermentation for seven years. This meticulous process enhances the wrapper’s flavour, developing intense spicy and peppery tones. The filler of the Vintage Sumatra is refined to harmonise perfectly with these premium wrappers.

Signature Models

  • Lean and Elegant Corona: Known for its full, strong aroma, this Corona is a true feast after any meal. Its distinguished appearance and exceptional price make it a standout choice.
  • Large Panatela Size: Offers a sophisticated smoking experience with a strong, aromatic profile.


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Tasting Notes

Tasting Notes

De Olifant Scheepskistje Gift Box set of 10 cigars

Key Features:

  • Origin: Quality machine made cigars from Kampen, Netherlands
  • Models: Nine different cigar models
  • Wrapper: Rare Sumatra sand leaf, bale fermented for 7 years
  • Flavour Profile: Intense spicy and peppery tones
  • Aroma: Full and strong, especially in the Corona model
  • Price: Exceptional value for large panatela size cigars

A Gift For You

The perfect present: Give the gift of exploration, flavour and luxury.

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